Effie Keramida
Psychologist / Founder

Effie Keramida is the Founder and
the Head Psychologist.
She has a Bachelor and a
Master's Degree in Psychology.


In the age of social and physical distance, let's not let
fear dominate, let's not be alienated, let's find solutions
to problems that concern us.

Communicating with us will help you
in this direction and will significantly improve your life!

We are apart, but we stay together…


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Why e-psychotherapy.com is the right choice for me?

Expert treatment

Qualified therapists will help you making progress towards your goals. They will help you to understand yourself and making the changes in your life that you are looking for, providing you with important feedback.

Accessibility to all

No need to travel miles to meet up with your psychologist. Individuals who are unable to leave their home for various reasons, such as physical or mental issues, will find a useful alternative to traditional psychotherapy settings.

Ease & flexibility

It is easier, to contact your online mental health provider through e-mail and get a quick response than if you call a therapist in office hours. An online therapist could respond to an e-mail or chat request sooner than if he or she had to do it in real life.

It is private

It is confidential and safer than talking to someone in person, especially when revealing personal or private information. Using all types of communication (telephone, e-mail, messanger, viber) ensures complete anonymity and fast results

Social distancing

During the 2019–2020 coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested the reference to "physical" as an alternative to "social", in keeping with the notion that it is a physical distance which prevents transmission; people can remain socially connected via technology. For this reason let's apply online therapy to keep us all safe without mental health problems.

Save time and money

E-therapy is less expensive than real-life therapy. It saves you also from travel expenses, children arrangements and time. All you need is a phone, a tablet or a computer.

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