Athina Stamelaki Senior Lawyer

Athina Stamelaki
Senior Lawyer

Athina Stamelaki is an LLM active court and consulting Senior Lawyer since 1999, appointed at the Supreme Court of Justice.

She runs her own Law Firm in Piraeus, A. STAMELAKI & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, consisting of a group of experienced lawyers /attorneys at Law expertised in all sectors of law and especially in Family law, Family violence, Family mediation, Commercial Law, Penal law, Labour law, differences between State and citizen, Heritage Law, Real Estate law and all sorts of civil law.

Athina Stamelaki has solid history of success in establishing agreements between disputed parties and supervising/resolving corporate, insurance, legal, finance, and litigation concerns. She is highly skilled in developing overall legal strategy, mitigating statutory risks, and integrating with clients for claims settlement. She is equipped with outstanding interpersonal, presentation, organisational, and communication skills.

Her law firm deals with total respect to any individual case, providing sincerely the most appropriate solution which applies best on the specific case and demand. Athina’s Stamelaki law office through her partners and colleagues can represent all her clients before all degrees Courts all over Greece and abroad in European Countries & USA.