The financial crisis is affecting my psychology.

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An economic crisis affects us directly, as it threatens our survival and changes the quality of our life.

The psychological effects are greater because are combined with fear, guilt or shame and lack of hope. Worst of all, it leaves a trauma inside that needs to managed in order to move on.

So how can we regain control of our emotions and therefore of our lives?

1. Deal with your guilt and shame.

Guilt and shame are common emotions by people who have experienced financial failures, such as debts to public services, banks or credit cards. People feel that they have failed and that makes them feel awful especially if their family is involved.  So we need to recognize these feelings, acknowledge them and try to deal with them. It is not bad to accept the problem, because only then will you’ll be able to solve it. Ask a therapist  to help you  to manage your emotions or talk to a friend you trust. Take it out of our chest.

2. Let’s get perspective.

Stop for a moment and think about the other “worst things” that have happened in your life; a Maybe a health problem or the death of a significant other is the worst thing that ever happened to you; grief about it and move on. Find a solution that suits you better, start an e-shop if possible, or work through internet. There are so many solutions, will you keep crying over the spilled milk or will you build up a new life for you?

3. Creating a new life.

We humans are creatures of habit so it is difficult to change them, and we experience discomfort. Since money is no longer enough, let’s prioritize. What needs to be paid first; the electricity, the phone, the food? Decide what is important and distribute the remaining money according to these needs. The child’s pocket money, for example, can be reduced a bit and give him a sandwich for school instead. Forget old habits in order to experience less anxiety.

Changes take time. Allow yourself to adapt to the new reality. You’ll be fine!