Can we get rid of a habit?

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Have you ever tried to change a bad   habit and you have not achieve it?

Are you deceiving yourself that you will try  again “ tomorrow”  and that it does not matter if you succumb to temptation today? Do not worry and do not criticize yourself.

All of us more or less we have promised radical changes to ourselves and we have not kept our promises.But what can we do, if we want to change a bad  habit?

  • Make a plan.Forget the failures of the past and do not stay on them.Well, despite your effort, something did not go well and you have not completed your target.It does not matter.Make a newbeginning.Think what made you not to complete your promise for change   the first time and try to avoid the same mistakes…Also, it does not matter,if you make new mistakes. We learn through mistakes. So, make a new plan with  start and evolution dates and follow it.
  • Change your routine.If you are used to follow a routine that fires you the need  to  succumb to your bad habit,then change it. If for example, you are smoking while drinking your coffee, then  stop drinking coffee!You can replace it with juice,hot chocolate, or whatever else you like. This step may be  the most important! The more the time passes by, the more stronger you feel and you would not want to succumb to your bad habit.
  • Ask for positive feedback.
    When you make such an important effort,you need help and support. When you feel weak  and ready to succumb to “temptation” ,you need somebody to encourage you  and to remind you your progress.Find trusty individuals,announce them the effort that you will  make in order to change yourself  and ask them to help you. However, it is  very important to choose the right people ,in order to give them that role, because we do not want somebody to criticize and  preach  us.We want somebody who will understand us and will understand  how difficult our target is to be achieved.
  • Reward   yourself! This step is maybe the most difficult one because we are not used to say” bravo ” to ourselves for our  achievements. It is easier to blame ourselves rather than rewarding them. It is time for us to change that.There are a lot of ways to reward yourself. You may set as a goal to buy something  you like at the end of the week, if you managed to remain on your effort.  You may win yourself  yourfavouritemeal, together with your friends .You may buy yourself a ticket for your favourite play or movie or going to the playground. You have countless  options and you may choose which one you like for your rewarding.


Success is not uncatchable. It is possible  and we all can succeed ,provided that we Know what we want and  that we really desire  to change ourselves Do you know it?