How will we stay cool in moments of great tension?

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Nine ways which will help you not to go to extremes.

There is no doubt that  we live in a difficult era; economy is uncertain, most consuming goods are basically unapproachable, our daily life is problematic and we push  ourselves to the extremes in order to correspond to  our life needs.

How can we stay balanced in this  ’ storm ‘ of streesful evolutions?

  1. Let us understand that our feelings come from inside us.

Our feelings are not always the result of some ‘external’ stimuli. Our feelings are born from what we say to ourselves.  Maybe it is time to focus more within and stop blaming the outside stimuli for everything that happens to us. Truth is that all conflicts star from inside, in our mind.

  • Find someone whose sangfroid   you admire and set him as your example.

There are people – role models who will always teach us through their lives.  So, studying their lives, the way they found solutions to problems, their way of working  and how  they  confronts  success and failure, may be inspiring to us and help us succeed. Discover his personal motifs, which led him to success and try to apply them into your own life.

  • Right Breathing

 Learning how   to breathe well is very important, especially during the anxiety crisis, so as to stay calm. Many people make a mistake: they inhale deeply and fast from the mouth and as a result, their brain gets hyper oxygenated, they get dizzy and   many times they may faint. So, what is the right way? We inhale deeply, but always from the nose, then we count up to five and we exhale slowly from the mouth. Never the opposite. When we exhale, we try to breathe out all the air and to recover our breathing gradually to its normal condition.

  • Light exercise.

Undoubtedly, exercise benefits are a lot. It helps the brain to get out of the stressful situation. It helps us to cheer up, to gain physical strength and to relax our brain and our body. And as a result, this will change our perspective. You do not have time?  That is easy. Take a 30 minute walk three times a week or a 10 minute walk. Daily surely, you will feel better, more released and in a better phychological condition.

  • Keep  the others company.

We basically are   social creature and it is good not to forget that. The others’  company is important   because they can tell us their opinion about a problem and they can show us another viewpoint, which we may not think of and in this way to find a solution. Also, talking with them will relax us. That is important, don’t you think so?

  • Music.

Music plays an important role in our mood. It can cheer up, it can relax us or it can infuriate us. Make your own CD with your favorite music and when you feel that you need calmness or a mental trip, start playing it. Your mind and your body will be grateful to you, because they will be able to relax.

  • Accept that there is life too after the failure.

You may dedicate enough time on an activity and at the end to be criticized austerely or  to have a disliked result or not to be observed by anybody. That is how failure can be described, when somebody shares a part of himself with the others.  But, overcoming this failure is a great life lesson. Besides, we learn from our failures and our mistakes.

  • Accept that you have lost your sangfroid.

That is the only way for you to regain your   calmness. And in order to achieve that, you should isolate yourself for a while, up to the time when you keep, concentrate your thought.

 Switch off your mobile phone, go for a walk, or even better take some exercise. In this way, you will manage to discharged yourself and to think of the situation more cooly.

  • Time is your ally.

There is no need for us to be in a hurry in order to give solutions. Let us give time to ourselves to use the time for us and not against us. Let us not be in panic and let us not take wrong decisions, because we are under time pressure. It is better to do it later and correctly, after having seen the problem globally, rather than now and wrong.


Life is full of upheavals. It is in our own disposal to use them correctly, if we keep our sangfroid or to let the panic overcome us. Nobody is a perfect human being. So why  we should be?