Unexpected events… What shall I do?

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Life is a way full of uphills and downhills . Just enjoy it.

Every day   that we get out of our beds, we have a schedule in our minds with our duties and how to deal with them. But, life is beautiful because it brings us overthrows. Are we ready for them and what are we doing when we face them?

 Let’s imagine that every day is a sea of duties and pleasures. And we are obliged to   cross it by a sailing boat, ourselves. We are prepared for this trip and we carry with us all the appropriate utensils: our professional documents, our presentations, the shopping list, our   utensils for the gym, our clothes for the evening going out. And, suddenly, a strong wind blows … something unexpected happens. A professional meeting is postponed, the illness of a relative of ours … and we get out of our schedule and everything turns upside down. What should we do?

We remain cool. We may be good sailors but sometimes, we must prove that we are good captains too. As it is known, only in the storm, you can tell who is a good captain. Well, let’s examine the new facts and let’s chart a new course. There are always solutions to problems, which at the first sight may be unsolved.

-Let’s   set priorities. For example let’s say that we have planned a wonderful night out but a close friend of ours is ill. What is more important? Going out or supporting our friend? We will reap what we saw. The decision is ours.

-Let’s undertake   our priorities. We have said that we are good captains. If a problem arises from nowhere, let’s try to find a solution immediately. Let’s not remain murmuring    for our misfortune. It is not possible for everything to happen as we have planned it, so let’s be ready for the overthrow.

-Let’s continue our day, having done first all the necessary corrective movements. There are many ways for somebody to arrive to his destination, provided that he knows how to run around the obstacles and to not just observe them.

-Let’s accept an unexpected   event as a new experience and let’s welcome it as such. Let’s give to every situation its real importance and not maximize it. Ιn that way, we will not be excessively anxious for its evolution. Things   sometimes are easier than we think!

-Let’s exercise. Exercise helps us to stay in shape and to better confront the problems that arise. It also strengthens the heart and in that way, in times of anxiety, we have fewer possibilities to collapse. So, let’s start walking, bicycling, or another sport or the gym. Let’s help our mind to be clear and our heart to beat well.

-Let the others undertake   their responsibilities. When something unexpected arises, that gets us out of schedule; we usually are “running”, trying to fix it, so the things around us get in the normal order. But, let’s think. Are we the only responsible ones for what happens? What is the role of the others? And why do we undertake the responsibility? Is it impulsive or we maybe do not trust them at all? But, if we become the only ones who try to find solutions in periods of crisis, then the others   tend to lose their abilities to deal with the problems. As a result they will always waiting the solution from us. Well, is it what we really want? Having individuals depending absolutely on   us or having a healthy and balanced environment?


Trips are beautiful but the unexpected   within the trips are more beautiful, because they fill us with experiences and they help us to understand our stamina. Let’s remember the C .P. Cavafy words:

“As you set out for Ithaka

Hope your road is a long one,

Full of adventure, full of discovery.

Laistrygonians, Cyclops,

Wild Poseidon-don’t be afraid of them:

You’ll never find things like that on your way

As long as you keep your thoughts raised high,

As long as a rare excitement

Stirs  your spirit and your body.”   ( translated in English by Edmund Keeley).