New year, new beginning!

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How can we change our lives?

It is the end of another year that in many ways was very different from the others. A lot happens in the world. We have seen radical changes almost everywhere, some good, some not so much. As the year draws to a close, instead of focusing on the world situation, we should focus on how we can change what is holding us back.

How many New Years have we not planned a new beginning and how many times has it not been implemented? Did we make any effort to change our lives, or did we just give up and another year passed without any of the things we wanted to happen?

Here are some small steps we can take for a better year.

• Leave behind what no longer serves you. This applies to resentments, emotional burdens, and even beliefs that no longer make sense. A new beginning means turning page in our lives. Do not carry along old stories from previous years to the new year that is unfolding. Forgive others and let them forgive you too. Above all, forgive yourself. It’s no use to transfer from year to year, a situation that is a thing of the past. In the end you will not even remember how it started, so why keep it?

• Do not set lofty New Year’s goals. Achieving any goal requires much more than just saying the words or promising yourself that you will change everything. It means understanding what is not working and changing it for the better. Easier said than done. Change is incredibly complex. You will need to work hard and emotionally to succeed. Whether it is related to health, appearance or change of job you need to learn a new skill. To achieve this you will need patience, perseverance and commitment to the goal. Inevitably this will affect your relationships with others because they will see a change in you that they are not sure they like. That’s why people often set goals on New Year’s Eve and after a few weeks they get frustrated with the results and give up. Before attempting a change, we must consider the situation and the time at which we want to try. If the conditions seem somewhat favorable, then we have a chance of success. If not, better not try to avoid disappointment.

• Change your habits. Repetition is not necessarily a bad thing as long as we understand the purpose and the thread that connects every “before” with every “after”. The key to breaking a bad habit is to first understand what you gain by repeating it. For example, do you eat a snack because you feel hungry or because you need a distraction from something that is bothering you? If the latter is true, find another solution. Go for a walk or talk on the phone. By changing bad habits, you will feel stronger and boost your self-confidence, achieving the change you so desire.