Do I become a better person with self-improvement?

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When we try to be better people it is like accepting that we are not good or that some parts of us need improvement. Also, that our life is not satisfactory and needs improvement. Why is this happening; Why do we realize at some point that we are not satisfied with our daily life and seek its improvement? Because we usually “burry” for years things that bother us, we refuse to admit they exist, to face them or we just ignore them. But the more we avoid them, the more difficult they become to solve and thus there comes a time when they seem insurmountable and overwhelm us. But when we recognize them, they are the springboard for change and self-improvement!

After all, humans by nature try to achieve their professional and personal wants. So, we need to accept that personal development is something that happens – whether we like it or not – throughout our lives since we strive to achieve something better for ourselves to improve our quality of life.

But how can we achieve our self-improvement?

• Accept your weaknesses.

Weaknesses are those that give us character, make us different, give us identity. Do not be ashamed of them, see them as a field for improvement. The goal of self-improvement must be to accept them, recognize where they come from, and decide to overcome them so that you can turn any weakness into strength.

• Boost your mental health.

When you work with yourself, you get to know you better and you can manage your negative thoughts and negative emotions more effectively. This will result in less stress and anxiety. At the same time, you will improve your relationships with the people around you because you will be able to control your irritability and anger. So, this change will be reflected in your personal and professional relationships and will strengthen them.

• Set goals and find motivation.

Self-improvement helps us manage situations and gives new purpose and meaning to our lives. Goals are important because they provide direction, motivation and interest in the daily effort. They express our deepest desire and our dream. Motivation pushes us to act, depending on the desired goal. It is our driving force. Self-improvement and motivation go together. When you see yourself evolving, you are filled with optimism and motivation to keep striving for the best, as long as you know what the goal is!

The journey of self-improvement is a positive experience. The idea is not to get frustrated and lose hope along the way. It is the effort to overcome the prejudices and beliefs that stop us from a better life. To do what is right for us and not to hesitate to explore when new opportunities arise. Accept the challenges! Only in this way will life reward us by giving us unexpected victories. After all, this is what gives meaning and pleasure to life. The trip!