What do women do that men can’t stand

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Most relationships between the sexes start with the best conditions. After a while, however, there are disagreements and perhaps conflicts. This is often due to trivial things, but annoying. The two sexes are designed differently. Men place more emphasis on social prestige and women on communication, although the fine lines nowadays between the two sexes are no longer so clear, nor so delimited because we all try to do everything since the demands of everyday life are many.

But what bothers men?

1. When women call them often and ask them where they are, with whom and what they are doing.

It is natural when one calls and asks all these questions that the other sees it as control and interrogation. After all, if someone wants to lie, he will do it, no matter how many times you call him and he can find thousands of excuses, let alone that he can set his cell phone to silent mode and not hear it. So, it would be good for women to stop chasing their partners so much, because they will be bothered and women will live with stress. Such a relationship is not worth it. When men feel that the woman is dependent on them, they are stressed and feel burdened. That’s why they are attracted to women who are independent and autonomous, or so they seem to be.

2. Female pluralism and hyperanalysis.

When women speak, they say everything in detail and refer to many issues simultaneously. It will be helpful to tell men one thing at a time, especially when they are available and can listen carefully. And of course, don’t tell them the same thing repeatedly. Telling them once with direct and clear words is enough.

3. When women cry and lose their temper, men feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

They believe that they must find a solution to calm them down and the longer they cry, the more uncomfortable they feel. It would be very helpful for women to explain to them that crying calms and relaxes them and they do not expect them to find a solution.

4. Another thing that men find outrageous is that women give them strict instructions.

They interpret it as a personal accusation that they are doing something wrong. It is better to make suggestions in a gentle way and after we have praised them for something else. And of course, what we tell them should not aim at changing them.

These are some of the things that irritate men and some ways for women to maneuver to avoid conflict. Keeping them in mind and having the will for communication on both sides, tensions over simple issues can be mitigated and the relationship becomes smoother. After all, men are naturally designed to be more direct and cannot easily understand female complexity. So many songs have been written about “a woman’s heart” that “is an abyss”!