What is the fear of success and how will you recognize it?

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Have you ever completed a personal achievement, but you feel as if you do not deserve the success and that this achievement is fake and deceptive? Fear of success leads people to attribute their success to luck or to the fact that others have not yet discovered their flaws. A perception that creates a continuous anxiety that their environment will soon realize that they do not deserve this success. The reason for that is that the person often attributes personal success to external circumstances (e.g. My success in this project was accidental), while, on the contrary, he charges failure to personal reasons (e.g. it’s my fault that I have been selected for this job position).

Does this sound familiar? If yes, you may perhaps recognize yourself in the following behaviors:

  1. You find it difficult to recognize your achievements. You focus on what you have not achieved yet and you cannot track any achievements in your life.
  2. You compare yourself and feel inferior to others. You often underestimate your work and feel that people around you tend to overrate you.
  3. You are afraid that others will realize that your success is not real but rather a fraud. You feel that your achievements were completed with little effort and others will soon discover your lack of the “necessary” knowledge and ability.
  4. You are not attracted to “absolute power”. You often wonder why do so many people dream and pursuit a high-level position, while you would never even imagine being in this power state. You are repulsed by the idea of ​​having the “absolute power” as you could never endure this sense of inner insecurity that you feel.

If you wonder whether the fear of success can be transformed into recognition and a sense of satisfaction, then the answer is “Yes”! So, start with 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify an area that you don’t feel successful but that you would wish to. Start small and grow big. For example, if you have audience fright and you want to be a successful presenter try to stand in front of an audience and present for just 10 ‘. Ask yourself “What will really happen if I succeed?”
  2. Answer the following questions:
  • How do I know I made it?
  • How do I stay focused to my goal?
  • How will I accept recognition from others if I succeed?
  • How will I reward myself when I achieve this? You should buy something nice for you every time you succeed in an endeavor.
  1. Observe people who are already successful in this field. You may feel comfortable by keeping a “safe distance” but approaching them will offer you alternative ways that will help you achieve your goal!

Fear of success is a state that increases stress levels and at the same time stains our well-deserved reward. To feel better, it is important to identify those inner beliefs that undermine the recognition of success within you, to see clearly and recognize your strengths, and to set smart and realistic goals. Once these are completed, success will be your new reality while being ready to recognize and enjoy it!