Is psychotherapy necessary?

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Psychotherapy is nowadays a choice of many, as more and more people understand the benefits of the healing process. Unfortunately, there are people that think of it as a taboo that they do not discuss openly and definitely they do not select, as they have a misperception of its benefits. As a result, they lose the opportunity to choose a better and more functional life. Because psychotherapy is the most beautiful gift, we can give to ourselves!

But what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a process of discovering our inner world. As a process, it is a form of therapeutic intervention that consists of regular sessions with a trained psychotherapist, the number and frequency of which varies depending on the need and the characteristics of the patient. It is founded on the relationship that is formed between therapist and patient and aims to understand the feelings of the latter and to improve his life.

How can I benefit from psychotherapy?

1. I learn to recognize my feelings.

Our behavior is closely linked to the thoughts and feelings that we experience on a conscious or unconscious level. In everyday life, we tend to accept them, without assessing the reason we feel the specific emotions and if these are functional for us. Psychotherapy helps us to identify the source and cause of our emotions and to recognize the emotions that a situation causes.

2. I find ways to communicate my needs to those around me.

Communicating what we really need often seems more difficult than it really is, as we either do not know how to do it or we are afraid of the consequences. Also, expressing our needs can often mean that we set boundaries to others that we had not set before. Psychotherapy helps us to first identify what we really need to communicate and gives us the means to deal with any possible resistance from our environment, which will come as a consequence of our own change.

3. I improve my daily life.

Through the process of psychotherapy, we gradually understand ourselves more, we eliminate harmful feelings such as guilt or fear and we discover a new perspective for ourselves, which is now stronger, more creative, and more capable of achieving what we desire. So, we gradually win battles and dare to dream higher.

Before offering this great gift to yourself, think smart!

  • Look for an expert with a Professional License, with a personality and therapy approach that suit you.
  • Confirm that he is specialized as a Psychotherapist. A Psychologist is not necessarily a Psychotherapist if he has not received the relevant training.
  • Once you begin this magical journey, try to cultivate a relationship of trust with your therapist. The relationship between the two of you is the key to success.
  • Give time and trust the process.

So, if you are thinking to start psychotherapy but you are reluctant and doubt the success of the process, give it a try, and allow yourself to evaluate on your own the effectiveness of the healing procedure.