Why do I always postpone the things I have to do?

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Many of us are postponers  and we leave for tomorrow what we can do today.

Up to a point, procrastination is not bad especially when we set priorities in our lives; to do first the important ones and then the less important. But, when we lose chances due to procrastination, then we have problem and it would have been good for us to solve it.

But, what are the reasons, which always make us to postpone things?

  1. We wait for the perfect moment.

It will never be the perfect moment for us to act. We need to create the chance and to catch it when it appears. Also, the best time for us to act is now. If we remain in our toxic thoughts, we will never be bold enough to act, because in every solution we will find at least five problems. Also, when we speak of chances, we do not mean only the first number of the lottery; we also mean all the tiny but invaluable things that we find on our way. We should only have our antennas open, in order to see them, because   sometimes we lose our prospective.

  • We never   have enough time at our disposal.

Fact is that time is the same for all of us. Our usage of time makes the difference from person to person.  Sitting on the sofa and watching television and as a result,   leaving the time passing by, doing nothing good for us. So, when we become melancholic and in no mood, we should not ask why this happens, it is a result of our inaction. Inaction causes problems. We should be active and we should motivate ourselves, if we want to have the life we desire.

  • We are afraid.

Do not believe even for a moment that there is somebody who is not afraid of something. We are all afraid of something and each one of us has his own personal   fears. But, fears aggravate, when we avoid them. Confronting   them is the best way to eradicate them.  Many times fearing a fear is worse than the fear itself. Just imagine, how much released, enthusiastic or proud you will be when you have overcome these obstacles.

          4. We wait for the perfect relationship.

While we are waiting for the ideal relationship, we lose a walk on the seashore, a nice meal in a restaurant, a glass of wine under the stars or a nice talk with a close friend. It is desirable to have a person on our side but we should not consider it a requirement in order to live.

  • Money is never enough.

 Money is difficult to find in our times, due to the economic crisis. Of course, this is quite worrying, but it is not the only think which can make us happy. If we think creatively, we will see that we can do things with less money. Also, we should not leave our bills to weigh us down.  We should pay only the absolutely necessary and to spend a little sum of money for ourselves. That will make us to feel better.

  • We do not have enough self-confidence.

That is a problem, which seems to be expanded as time passes by. Almost all of us have some problems with our self-confidence but, there is a way to change it. We must think   more positively and to encourage ourselves. Start by smiling more often. Reward   your selves for every small or big target you achieve. It is desirable to pamper ourselves from time to time.


We can continue saying   that we will manage things better tomorrow and to postpone everything; but time will never be enough if we are not brave and sincere with ourselves. Besides, if we cannot achieve something, does not mean that we are unable to manage it but that we do not have the abilities in order to achieve it yet. But how can we acquire those? By practice.  There is nothing worse than looking behind in your life and to see dreams that have not been realized. So go for them!