I get older and I am afraid of it.

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All of us, we are afraid of time, more or less.  But, how can we not be afraid of it?

Maybe because  magazines and mass media emphasize greatly onyouth , old age  has been  interwoven with  indisposition and abandonment. But is it really like that? There is great progress in medicine during these recent years and investigations have been proved that aging does not come so early as before and it comes only when we abandon ourselves and when  we mope because we get older. All ages have their pleasures   and their problems. But we need to be well-balanced to observe it.So, we need to be brave enough and not to withdraw  from life. It is also important for us to be physically healthy and to feel well.If we feel well, then we will look well too.

So, how can we be well, while we are getting older?

How can we stop being afraid of getting older and  embraceourselves in every age?

  1. How old are we really ?

Social rules have age limits, after which somebody is considered to  beold.For example, a woman, as well as a man after their 50s   are   not considered to be in their  productive age anymore .Is this true   ? If   somebody is vital and creative, should the age on his ID suggest him how he should really feel because he is over  his 50s? Besides, according   to Albert Einstein time is subjective.There are people over their 50s , who are much more vital and active than people in the age 20s. So? Everything is subjective and depends on how we feel and how much we are  willing  to  participate in the game of life .

  • Share your feelings about it.

Communication is very important for these ages, because individuals tend to isolatethemselves,  and they experience unbearable loneliness. As a result, they fall into depression and into self-rejection.Keep your friendships alive.Friends are important for sharing our questions, problems and for listening to another opinion. Share your thoughts with your friends, especially if these thoughts scare you. Look for the possibility of participating in some groups.If you like dancing, enroll in a dance school or address to your municipality.If you like walking, which is excellent exercise, create with your friends a walking group and walk with them daily. Stay connected with people and   show interest for life.

  • Get out of your comfort zone.

How will you learn if you are able for something if you will not get out of your comfort zone and you do not try it? You can always find reasons for which you must not do something so as to avoid getting out of your comfort zone.We should motivate ourselves inorder to change our our lifestyle. A great advantage of the late age is that we do not have obligations anymore.Usually kids have found their own way and we can relax. So, go ahead, go for it! Organize yourselves and get out of home. This is only beneficial to you.

  • Create your own club.

Start a new activity that you like but you had never time up to now to do.Find some other people, who are interested in itτοο and create your own club.In the recent years, knitting is very much in fashion.Even Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt, they knit because, as they declare knitting is beneficial for them, because it is anti-depressant. Besides, it is part of our tradition. Let us gather some friends and let us start our own club. At the end, we can sell our creations to a philanthropic bazaar.In this case, we will have double gain, because we will feel useful as well.If we like athletism,let us create an athletics  group, and from now on that the  weather is better, let us go out in the parks for athletics. The morepeople  we are, the best result we will have.


So, let us embrace our age. Let us not always fight against ourselves.Acceptance does not mean abandonment as well.Acceptance will make us turn  the page and find our personal happiness. Let us take care of ourselves and let us give to ourselves the love that they deserve in every age.